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Barack Obama Lookalike

President Obama ImpersonatorMichael Bryant. We’re often asked for a UK based Obama but this popular USA look alike may just be the man to book. Liven things up at your next event by hiring the best Obama Impersonator, President Obama Lookalike and Celebrity Entertainer. This President Obama Impressionist is the most authentic in the world. He has the best Obama look and is often regarded as a near mirror image and dead ringer of President Obama. He has made better than 100 appearances impersonating the President. It does not matter what side of the political fence you are on. An appearance by this President Obama Impersonator is unexpected, praise worthy and well received. He can deliver a tailored monologue or something appropriate you have in mind around the theme of your event?

Barack Obama Lookalike USA

He can help you achieve your entertainment goals by impersonating President Barack Obama. What are your entertainment goals? Perhaps he can help you. The benefits are: You can breathe! As soon as you hire him you can concentrate on what you do best. Your honoree and attendees will not forget how good they felt having attended your event. Your event made an impression that is positive for moral and future business. Most importantly, you achieve your entertainment goals. His goal is for you and your attendees to have a positive and unforgettable experience. Make an impression that your guest won’t soon forget by hiring him for your special occasion.

Book an entertainer  today with full details of the event you’re planning. Please give us as much information as possible – including an indication of your budget.  Enquiries always welcome on office line 0161 374 5398


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