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Belle Cannon – country music singer songwriter UK. Belle grew up listening to the likes of Dolly Parton, Kris Kristofferson, Hank Williams so it’s just been a part of fabric of her life. In August 2010, Belle made the trip to Nashville to Music Row to record her debut album for BelleJar Records, “Rewind“.

It’s described as country pop, with elements of bluegrass. Belle wrote all but two of the songs herself. She had the pleasure of working with some of Nashville’s finest musicians, including Brent Mason on guitar, Gordon Moat on piano, Larry Franklyn on fiddle and Bryan Sutton on guitar. With uplifting and inspiring self-penned songs such as ‘Reel Me In’, ‘Party’ and ‘Working Man’ you will find it impossible to stop your toes from tapping or your fingers from snapping.

Belle Cannon Rewind

Sit back and relax to such classics as ‘Between Now and Whenever’, ‘Cornerstone’ and the aptly titled ‘Rewind’ and you’ll find that you’ll easily slip into Belle Cannon mode to listen to the full album before reaching for the remote to start the process all over again.

“The response from this month’s online web campaign has been phenomenal and radio stations are responding favourably to the hot hit singleWoman’s Right‘. Become a Belle fan below and get your exclusive offers and more.”

“Congratulations! Cornerstone is the France No 1 single Feb 9th 2013
February 9, 2013 – Number 1 Song of the Week from the ECMA – France: Cornerstone.”

Rewind is available to download from CDBaby, Amazon and ITunes and other online stores worldwide.

THAT THING YOU DO BelleJar Records 0161 374 5398 – Download the  BelleJar Records App for Android.

“That Thing You Do” – The track voted for in the UKCountryRadio Awards. Are you ready to book for your event or festival? Find out more about Belle on Reverbnation.

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Belle Cannon      Belle Cannon


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