50 Cent Lookalike

50 Cent Lookalike, Jerome Richards, one very cool lookalike to the superstar 50 Cent.

Jerome first started out on his lookalike career when he was 19. He was getting noticed at work and eventually everywhere he went.

He travelled to the ITV show, X Factor with his cousin where he was spotted by Sharon Osbourne and Kate Thornton.

A crowd built up and people were taking photos and following him around so the crew at ITV asked Jerome to record a piece for the Xtra Factor show.

This was later aired a week later.

Jerome has also appeared in the Metro, who did a feature story on his life, and the Sun newspaper who where also interested in doing a story.

He attended the biggest Kit Car Show in the UK where he did promotional work as 50cent and has also had his own show on local radio in the Midlands. He has also attends parties where he makes a guest appearance as 50 cent.

With an exclusive photo shoot for a new Ferrari Kit car, Jerome – the 50 Cent Lookalike – is looking forward to a future career in presenting and lookalike work.

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