Malcolm Ashton Dinner Talks

After Dinner Speaker – Test Match Special.

Always batting for something – you’ll not be disappointed if you book Malcolm Ashton for your club. 

From Bury in Lancashire, Malcolm Ashton worked as a scorer / statistician on Radio 2 and Test Match Special.

He can usually be found working as the Test Match Special scorer at The Oval.

A keen sense of humour is Malcolm’s hallmark as he recounts life in the Test Match Special Box, various TV commentary boxes and explores life with the players on tour and at home.

Having been involved in over 150 Test matches and 200 One Day Internationals and 10 years of touring, Malcolm has a fund of stories to call upon.

It’s a fascinating insight into an England cricket team that is proving itself one to be reckoned with in world cricket.

  • Malcolm Ashton
  • Malcolm Ashton

Malcolm Ashton After Dinner Speaker

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