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Mimbots Living Statue

Mimbots mime artiste and living statue Michael has been entertaining crowds for over 20 years in more than 10 countries.  He is based in Brighton.

Miming isn’t good when you’re singing but when you’re one of the in-crowd anything goes.

This foppish twit of all twits has been entertaining thousands full time for the past 18 years with his Mimbots buffoonery and silent art.

His subtle wit and charm knows no boundaries.

Mimbots Clown Prince of Mime Brighton

He invites everyone into his silent, invisible world. He has over 2000 credits for British and international television.

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Mimbos   Mimbots

The great French mime performer, Claude Kipnis, reveals the mechanisms and techniques of mime in an easy-to-understand translation. This theatre book is not a theoretical “art of” book, but a functional “how to” and “why to” instructional guide. Individual exercises are included together with detailed coverage of body movements, the illusion, and how to create a world. We know of no other book that so comprehensively explains how the functions of mime are achieved. Certainly a basic text for any aspiring mime.

Explains and demonstrates the principles of three mime forms: Illusion Pantomime, Corporeal Mime, and Mime With Masks. This DVD demonstrates the action of opposing forces, positive and negative space, and how to transpose one reality into another.

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