Jade Roberts as Sylvester Stallone

Are you a contender or the Champ?

Hire the champ for your next event or commercial.

Jade Roberts has been the Number 1 Stallone performer since 1986.

From “Moonlighting” with Bruce Willis to promoting Stallone films and around the world, Jade has displayed the ability to sound like and create that “Rocky” image like no other!


Next Best Thing, ABC, Maury Povich – Paramount, America’s Funniest Home Videos, Moonlighting – ABC-guest star, PM Magazine-3 Shows, Dallas (2 episodes) – CBS, Good Morning Texas Show, RAI Television – Rome, Italy, PlayBoy Channel – Body Contest, WFAA – TV Channel 8 – Profile, HBO – Cinemax Special, Co-Host.


“Badstreet USA” (Wrestling Freebirds) Adrian Cummings-Producer


Rock’n’ Rap (Single) Group A Productions, Orlando, Fla.


Barq’s Root Beer – South, NY Philadelphia
Peznells Gym, Old Chicago Pizza, KEGL, Dallas, Texas
Monopoly’s Park Place, KTKS, KEGL, Dallas, Texas (as Reagan, Cronkite, Mr. “T”etc.)


Blockbuster-Memphis-Dallas, McDonalds-Las Vegas, Warner Bros.-Mann’s Chinese, L.A. “Get Carter” Emirates Airlines – NY, Hoffman-Laroche – Reno, Nevada Boeing Helicopter, Anaheim, CA
Sunshine Olds Dealers Conv. Orlando, Florida Caesars Hotel, Tahoe, Nevada
Nabisco Foods, Philadelphia, PA Cinemata Rome, Italy
First Nationwide Bank – N.Y., Chicago, L.A., S.F. AT&T-Academy Awards Show
Taco Bell – Los Angeles, CA Rocky V – MGM-Dallas
Casino Lac-Leamy- Ottawa, Canada Vim & Vigor Mag. Phoenix, AZ

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