What’s On in your area where you’re planning an event? We love reading about your local events and occasions so if there’s anything we can help advertise for you just get in touch with us for a chat. There are also lots of great entertainers lined up ready to quote for events across the country. Something to match every occasion and realistic budget. Whatever it is you’re planning – contact us today! News updated here!

Have you been along to any of the past events where our artistes have appeared? Are you attending or planning any of next year’s festivals? Perhaps there’s a 2021 theatre show you’d like to tell us about. Or a socially distanced event you’re organising online. Let us know whats on and how we can help promote your event. Whatever it is you’re planning – get in touch today! Let us know about events where you are in your area – and where you’d like to see our acts perform!  Any event or venue – anywhere! What’s On near you?

What's On

What’s On Near You and Online

Special remembrance to our BBC INSIDE OUT presenter at the time – Tony Morris – who died in Bury Hospice on Saturday 1st August aged just 57 years. RIP Tony – you did a great job for Spot On Entertainment! A pleasure to meet you 17 years ago in our office!

Kerri and Emma crowd-funded to raise £500 to help and support the work of Macclesfield Pride. If you’d like to support them you may still be able to donate online to Pride On The Drive. It was a great day! Whats on near you?

Under normal conditions there are many other events happening at private locations but in the present climate of Covid-19 we are unable to promote any events that do not adhere to the government’s guide lines. Virtual events are being organised online for example on Facebook.  Socially distanced events may be possible but restrictions apply. Check with the government’s guidelines. Please support the artistes and respect the government’s guidance on a daily basis. We all thank you for your support and wish you and your families a safe journey through this present health crisis.

Future What’s On Events

An event designed and run by The Wine Explorer can be tailor-made to any size. It may be a small, intimate tasting for 15 people or a large event for over 200. These wine tasting events are proven successes for client entertainment, team-building and social occasions alike, whether run in-house or at an outside venue. Let us know what’s on in your area – and where you’d like to see our acts perform! You could also recommend a venue or event to us.

Send in your poster and we’ll advertise your event here.  If you have an event booked in with us please send us your updates asap especially if the event will need to be cancelled or postponed.

Enquiries are welcome on the secure contact form #StaySafe #BeNice


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