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Champagne Rain. If you’ve never been to an event where they serve champagne from a bucket suspended in mid air then you’ve missed a treat.

Options for Aerial Bartenders are: Option A – 2 pourers at the same time for a total of one hour. 3 performers on rotation. Option B – 1 pourer for a total of 1 hr. 2 performers on rotation. Option C – 1 pourer for a total of 30 min. 1 performer.

Tech Spec: Option A requires 2 rigging points each with a safe working load of 350 kg.Option B requires 1 rigging point with a safe working load of 350 kg. Option C requires 1 rigging point with a safe working load of 350 kg. A rigger may be required to rig venues that are difficult to rig (for example some marquees or if there is no access to the rigging point.) Height required is a minimum of 5 metres from rigging point to floor.

Aerial Bartenders – Champagne Rain Pourers

Performance fees quoted per performer + VAT.

Quotes will not necessarily include travel and accommodation or resting/travel days. Riggers provided at extra cost. Each enquiry is treated on it’s own merits.  Book an entertainer     today by filling in the form below with full details of the event you’re planning. Please give us as much information as possible – including an indication of your budget. Enquiries for Aerial Bartenders always welcome on office line 0161 374 5398

BOOKINGS 0161 374 5398

Aerial Bartenders  Aerial Bartenders

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