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Johnny English Lookalike

Johnny English is not so much in vogue these days. But if you need the lookalike you’ve found him. Introducing professional lookalike Steve Keefe in this role. You might be interested to learn some more interesting facts. See what Wikipedia has to say about this 2003 British comedy film parodying the James Bond secret agent genre. The film stars Ben Miller, Rowan Atkinson and John Malkovich. Atkinson had previously appeared in the 1983 James Bond film ‘Never Say Never Again’.

Johnny English Lookalike Steve Keefe

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Johnny English Lookalike    Johnny English Lookalike  Johnny English Lookalike

A double bill of Rowan Atkinson’s James Bond-inspired spy spoofs. A lowly government clerk suddenly finds himself promoted to the position of Britain’s Number One International SpySent into action after the crown jewels are stolen, Johnny English (Atkinson) and his sidekick Bough (Ben Miller) soon begin to suspect billionaire Pascal Sauvage (John Malkovich). The plot thickens when the mysterious Lorna Campbell (Natalie Imbruglia) begins turning up in the most unexpected places.

In ‘Johnny English Reborn’ (2011), eight years on from the events of the first film, Sir Johnny’s career has gone into freefall. For the past five years he has been hiding out in a cave in Tibet, lying low and learning martial arts at a nearby monastery following the dismal failure of a mission in Mozambique. Sir Johnny is given a last chance to prove himself when he is called back to London by the MI-7 for one final mission: to take out a band of international assassins intent on murdering the President of China.

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